Financial Wellness and Spirit Exchange

Financial Wellness does not mean that we live luxuriously. It doesn’t even mean that we live to our basic means (i.e. Pay your rent, handle your bills, fill your fridge) 
I’ve been learning more and more that Financial Wellness comes from shifting our relationship to money. 
Removing the stress, removing the anxiety, removing the depression connected to money, can only happen when we remove our attachment to it- when we begin to see the beauty of how Financial “hardship” strips you down to live in-



Find the joy and magic of this- it is medicine. Taking my doses everyday; letting it help me learn survival detached from the need for money, learn to thrive detached from the need for money.
I know how difficult it is as an artist and a cultural worker to ask for monetary exchange. It is something that does not always feel appropriate. 
I know that many times over I have felt thankful for just the exchange of feeling an individual’s spirit uplifted by my work- felt their heart open up, felt them discover clarity and truth in our exchanges. I think of the artistic works I have created and birthed into the world and how often I have not asked for monetary exchange, and usually when I have it has been to support and give to others who had contributed and given of their talents, time and energy to the manifestation of the workings. 
I am reflecting deeply on this. I understand that Money is not something that should drive our work- that it should not determine the worth of what we create in this world. I want to make exchanges yes, that will sustain my physical living, and also… I want even more to make exchanges of my work to sustain my spiritual well being. I want to feel heightened integrity in what I ask and what is asked of me in exchange.
My sacred work that I have been called to do could not be more important at this time when the world needs more room to not be driven by Monetary needs. The gap is widening between those who are pulled into poverty and those who are living in mindless luxury. And as I realize this more and more I am working to find out how to navigate my counter beliefs in a world that wants me to believe I cannot survive unless I play the game and walk the path that capitalism has created to oppress and degrade those that create spirit medicine in this world.
I have experienced and watched anxiety, depression and so many other ailments occur because of the power given to money. As I am living in a present moment where I am faced with money being able to have a stronghold on me again, I pause and I look at the beast in the eye and I know in my heart that the medicine I have cultivated to hold and protect my spirit is stronger. I’m seeking ways to shift the monetary paradigm in my own life, and I am inviting us all to take a look at ways to find freedom from financial hardship.



To all the artists and healers and cultural bearers who connect with me on this- we are together.


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