Mercury Stationed Retrograde Grounding Affirmation- I am Listening

I am listening.

I am taking pause to survey the lessons that are being presented in this time of uncertainty.
I am sifting through my lived experiences, the ones that have fulfilled me and made me feel connected to my purpose and also those experiences that challenged me, made me feel uneasy and understand that they have also helped me to hold true and not give up on that purpose. I am hearing the No’s and understanding they are making way for the Hell Yes’s!
I’m letting myself be told that “there is something else…something better…something meant for me… And that something may not yet exist and I have the power to create it.” 
I am reminding myself that telling myself these things is not cliché, they are simple mindsets connected to truths to live in-that help me see how important my role in this world is. I am working to value the worth of what I am here to manifest and create. I am ready to serve, using the gifts I have been granted and have been growing to master throughout my living. I am making a list of that catalogue of skills and talents that are so powerfully mine and I am offering my service to the community and the world.
I am looking at true relationships and points of deepened connection that have offered me lessons- I am reviewing what I have learned and have adopted and looking back at what I may have missed or denied as a teaching that would serve me and I am accepting all of the teachings fully now. I am aware that I have to evaluate which relationships I should keep closest- that are of true betterment exchange.
All these things are healing my wounds of lack of self worth. It is helping me shred my invitations to the pity parties that my subconscious has been planning. 
I am letting myself be present to current experiences that have jarred my existence and cleansed me of life expectations. I am sitting in them in stillness.
I am listening.


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