Continuing My Journey Toward Financial Wellness and Freedom: Humbled By Monetary Value

Continuing the Journey Toward Financial Wellness and Freedom:
Reaching out to community for monetary support is something so humbling. It could easily create insecurity and feelings of discomfort, but for me that is not the equivalent of the humility I feel.
To me, the feeling of being humbled is a deep gratitude to those who see a sense of worth in what I live in this existence and it doesn’t need to be monetary exchange of course not. But when someone offers you monetary givings it is giving of a piece of what sustains them in this physical world given to support you in yours. Their giving to you does not hinder them, but rather as they give there is recognition that they your work in this living to be more valuable than a dollar amount- that it will bring returns for something more life fulfilling, nurturing and healing than the constructed value of a dollar or two or ten or fifty or a hundred.
I have always had the mentality of “If I can then I will.” A mindset that has allowed me in the past to aide my own friends for a meal, or for a place to sleep, or for an opportunity to have a day or evening to enjoy an activity of leisure away from the stresses of being without money. “If I can then I will,” helps to be present in ability rather than living with anxiety and depression of scarcity, and it invites others to give in exchange of what they have to support what you may need to elevate.
Any work I do in this living, when being offered a monetary check, is received with thanks that the energy and time and knowledge and talent I have offered gives to emotional, spiritual and mental wellness of others and in return my physical life wellness is provided for.
I say all this to offer a shift in the way we think of our monetary exchanges. I say this to create more exchanges of acceptance when someone offers you a monetary exchange and more willingness to give of monetary exchange. I say this so artists and cultural workers and others who work so hard and give of their talent and of their living for very little monetary exchange can feel the peace in truth that they can ask for more. I say this because o believe this. I say this because I have been humbled by a current experience of asking and receiving in abundance. I say this with deep, genuine gratitude.
I seek to live forward with the support given now in this moment of need and throughout my life past and future- to create through my sacred calling, holding true to my value for self and the world, and honoring the value of others in exchange spiritually, mentally and physically inclusive of monetary exchange.


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