Reflection on This Time- The Now of October 2016 in the US

I wrote this status in July. I am standing firmly on my stance of how I am carrying myself through this moment in time, on this land that I am a settler to. I believe my ancestors have kept me here for a reason. To carry out my role in a good way.
I know how important it is, in this constructed world, to vote- policies and lawmaking counts, and also those laws are still and often broken and corrupted. I stand firmly in my own beliefs and actions that do not support this system. I am not investing my time and energy to tell folks to vote.
I am inviting community to tables and exchanges that ask us to envision and implement another way of living that is just as possible as this constructed existence. As I’ve grown, I have removed my attachments from having to invest in the creations of this living that do not serve all of us as valuable beings contributing to this world.
I’ve realized I’m willing to give up a lot to realize a world that I feel is worth living for, for all of us. I have given up so much already, and I also have gained tremendous peace of mind and heart. And have connected deeper in spirit because I understand that all of the things that I feel oppress me, are all constructions, that they were created by us as human beings, and maintained by illusions that have been reinforced by those they serve, which is very few. I do not want what they have to offer as the alternatives to my living based on money and false ideas of success and division of me and others.
All this to say, I am using my energy to build with folks who are ready to create something different, who are willing to risk the comforts of this constructed living, which are really not that comfortable at all for all of us. I’m ready to physically, mentally and spiritually stand up because I believe the time has come to do so- to fight for something different. That’s why I write my prayers, they are a reminder that we do not have to have the “truths” of this world be the only one that exists in us.
Voting, is not going to determine whether we are all going to be “okay.” The words, actions and ways of living you put forth as an individual and with your communities will- the way we raise our children to believe and to treat each other will, the way we uphold our elders in their teachings of wisdom will, the way we see the importance of protecting our lands, waters and sky will.
Those that are content with this world, that reap the most benefits from it, look to these determinants and believe deeply in the idea that this constructed world that upholds patriarchy, capitalism and white supremacy is the one that should be lived in. So their word, actions and ways of living as individuals and a community support that, the way they teach their children to believe supports that, the way they uphold their elders in their wisdom support that, the way they see the importance of destroying the land, waters and sky support that.
My energy is being used here- calling folks to no longer buy into what does not serve us ALL. That all being said, I have not watched the debates, I am not investing in voting, and I am not saying anyone who does is wrong in their doing so. I just hope that with those votes we also prepare ourselves for whoever is elected in to not dictate all of what is possible for us.
Begin by- knowing the survival skills of those in your community, understand your own knowledge of surviving, begin cultivating physical spaces that community can gather to seek safety and connection, live daily with gratitude and awareness of the remainder of our natural resources and take good care, take good care of each other, take good care of yourself.
Let your actions be prayer.

Let your creations be prayer.
And let your prayer be powerful.


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