Re-affirming Life as Spiritual Practice


My spiritual path is not just about prayer and connection to the divine- it is about learning to heal. It is not just about healing self, it is about healing family, community, ancestry and the earth we have been given to live upon. It is not just about healing, it is about re-learning cultural teachings of survival that have been stripped from our communities so we can not only live, but thrive.

A society centered in capitalism, patriarchy and white privilege does not support a society centered on spirit, because when we look to spirit we value all life, we understand that we have everything that all of us need in order to live together on this planet equally, we respect natural order and seek permission of creation for its gifts and medicines and only take when we need, we look to our elders for wisdom and to our children for guidance toward elevated learnings and value their presence in our everyday living.

When we live centered in spirit we see one another as spirit first and foremost and we see our interconnectedness- we see ourselves in one another. Spirit centers us as humble beings who see the value in everyone knowing how to grow, utilize, connect to and Love everything that has been created by a greater source.

Life is a spiritual practice. No religion, or doctrine needed.


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