My Prayer and Invitation to Exchange with Intention to Learn, Grow and Better Self and Other in Moments of Human Ignorance

Disclaimer: I understand that everyone in every moment will come from where they are coming from to arrive in exchange with me, and this is my prayer in expression of self wholly and an invitation for anyone who holds me dear to them, to arrive in exchange in a way that will allow for healing. It is an invitation to let folks know that I know I am ever learning and that I have patience with that process as I become more and more who I am in this world and I honor that in all of us. This is my way of saying, “Homies, I’m down to be “called out” so please do, but I’m open, so it doesn’t need to inflict more pain for either of us,  it doesn’t need to because I will hold your truth, I will listen, I will learn.” Please see me in this with patience and purpose.

My Prayer and Invitation to Exchange with Intention to Learn in Moments of Ignorance-  

In my moments of ignorance Dear Ones, please invite me to a space of knowing rather that shaming me of my unknowing. Offer compassion and allow me to humble myself to learn and to grow in expansion of my understanding of the world through your eyes, through your experience, through your spirit. And please open yourself to understand my journey as one that authentically wishes to know, to heal, to remember and to better self.
I am open to exchange. I am willing to hold this space when approached with connection in humanity and the divine in me with the humanity and the divine in you-as sacred, and I will invite you to hold this sacred space of exchange with me, with great Love and deep Care.
Don’t call me out,

Rather- invite me in.

Don’t put me on blast,

Rather- hold me in my humility to learn

Don’t tell me what it is

Rather- exchange with me understanding, open me to learning, offer me your knowing to expand my own.
Let us rise together in the convergence of the bearing of our individual truths.
We are ever learning life, let us gift one another with the blessing of learning from each other.
I think it’s important that we recognize when we are being divisive. How can we invite others into a conversation around our valued perspectives and join us to reflect in exchange about how our experiences have served our growing? I have observed, experienced and also in past moments contributed to conversations where my own or another’s experience is hailed over someone else’s. But in my current space of self work and self healing I have made the intention to not contribute to this negativity anymore.
We are all walking our own paths, and experiencing what upliftment, understanding and growth of living looks like for us. We often walk in ignorance in this journey, and that is okay to begin in this, because we are constantly learning to be human and it is so complex. Ignorance does not have to be something we remain in. We can be open to receiving insight and knowledge that has been gained by another walking an entirely different path. How can we invite each other to understand this fully, and to have compassion and even joy in inviting others to see the world through your lens? And how can we humble ourselves to accept invitations to shift lenses that are shared with us beside our own? Many truths can live harmoniously beside one another.
I seek to see how often I can allow for myself to accept this rather than deny another’s experience for favor of my own, especially when we at core of our living seek the same outcomes of betterment of all humanity.


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