Shower Ritual: For Use in Moments of Needing to Cleanse 

Living in the city offers limitations for connecting to land and water and sky. It is important to me to be with these Divine creations that are the foundation of what our physical beings are made of. In recognizing that my own body is connected to land, water and sky bodies, I look to all things around me and know that they have been made from pieces of these Earth elements, I think on the memory of the land and sky and water  and how they are held in each piece of matter that has been created for our human use, inhabitance and consumption. I think on this with deep humility and honor them all. Many of my daily meditations and rituals come from these recognitions and looking and listening deeply to what all things have to contribute to connection of my spirit.

Today, I needed cleansing for my spirit that woke with heaviness and discomfort.  I needed to “wash away my dis-ease” so I could arise to my day of living with positivity and love for self. And as I have in the past, I made the intention to allow myself to have a deep cleanse in Shower Ritual.

I do this everyday, but today called for the intention of my exchange with the water that falls from my shower head, to be deepened, and clearer.

Water is healing, it is life holding, life bringing, life sustaining, it is powe-full (filled with power of carrying truth and feeling and divinity), it flows through and fills up space, it soaks into every crevice and pore of every thing. Water cleanses, it renews, it washes away to make room, it is both gentle and fierce, it flows, but also crashes. Water takes us away and leaves us feeling fully present and refreshed.

When I stand/sit in my shower, as each droplet streams down my body and seeps into my being from the pores at the top of my head down to my toes I remember all these things about what Water does for all of us. I breath through the water pouring upon my face from the top of my head and feel it drench my hair from my roots to its tips, dripping down all over my body. I feel the miracle of water I honor it. I see in all the water spilling down from my body to the earth below me into the drain that will carry it out of my home, I see everything that weighs heavy, that makes me feel not my whole and truest self. I feel my tears join the water, flowing into each other and I watch them leave my space of being. I honor them as I release, as I let go, I let flow. I see moments of water from mountain and see flowing on and around my being and I know this is source of the water that flows into my blessed home. I think of all that the water has touched, that has breathed upon and through it, the memories it has held in all it has exchanged with living and created things. I see how sacred the water is. I feel my self getting lighter, I let it all pour over me. And I let myself be changed. I give gratitude to the water that cleanses me, and then I close my eyes and feel it cover my bring and know that it is my being.

This morning my wash was so centering. So calming of spirit. I recommend that you let all moments be like this one. I see all moments as opportunity for prayer, for giving of gratitude of life, for honoring of divine in all things, for spirit to be practiced- Life is a Spiritual Practice.

Let yourself see life this way, let yourself remember to see divinity in all and see how it shifts the way you move through the world. Gratitude.


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