2016: The Year of Life as Spiritual Practice

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As the New Year draws near, I close out 2015 feeling deep clarity and rootedness in how I want to move forward on my Life’s Journey. I reflect back on 2015 and give gratitude for the greatly transformative experiences, the opportunities to be challenged, the exchanges that brought great lessons of Love of self and others and the moments that expanded my spirit past limits that I could never have imagined.


2015 was a year I was confronted with what it meant to truly lose, to feel loss, to let go so I can make room for what will come-and more powerfully- to make room for what I will create. 2015 was the year of Honoring Life Cycles, because it was the year that I surrendered to the waves of the Universal tides and let it move me through chaos with wonderment and openness only to land in a place of clarity and and deeper sense of readiness and peace with life’s challenges. 2015 was the year I felt more connected to death and the truth of impermanence and I learned to value it as much as creation and life lived. It was the year I spoke more often to my ancestors for guidance and lived out my own laying down of legacy understanding that I myself am a living ancestor. This was the year I felt more connected to my menstrual flow in mourning of life not lived and celebration- of the ability of my being to bare the flooding of unlived life, the potential of birth, of creation through me.


2015 was the year I felt more connected to Moon than ever, more connected to the waters of the world and of self, This was the year I felt more connected to the ebbs and the flows, the gives and the takes, the losses and the gains, the emptying in order to fill, the ending so I may truly begin. 2015 was the year I honored life’s cycles and owned them as part of my Journey.


And now as I acknowledge this New Beginning this- New Year and I breathe into the grand intention to create my life through ritual, through honoring of my life as sacred, I begin this New Year with the grand intention of living Life as Spiritual Practice. I have already begun, and I know that by making this declaration I am setting in motion and making my truth, that I see all aspects of my living as sacred and because of this I treat my existence as the miracle that it is. I live ritual in the way I breathe, in the way I wake, in the way I eat, in the way I walk, I run, I sit, I speak, I sing, I draw, I write, I create, create, create.


Because I live Life as Spiritual Practice, I build friendship, family, Love, all relational exchanges through committed practice of communication, investment and presence. I hold my thoughts as prayer shifting my mentality, rooted in compassion, mindfulness and positivity, clearing my mind of what does not serve me. I give gratitude every moment, I am grate-full, I am thank-full, I live with awareness of abundance. I experience life with my senses open to wonderment, I see, hear, smell, taste, feel the wonderment of life.


Because I live Life in Spiritual Practice, I connect to earthly elements and see sacredness and am humbled by it all- water, soil, air, fire and all its formations. I see myself as part of all the universe and the universe as part of me, the mountains, the clouds, the stars, the tress all interconnected to my whole being and this is miracle, I am miracle, life is miracle. And I see myself in all my brother and sister human beings and all other beings that live.


Because I live Life as Spiritual Practice I answer my Sacred Callings with intentions to create constantly- Theatre as Spiritual Practice, Visual Artistry as Spiritual Practice, Writing as Spiritual Practice, Teaching as Spiritual Practice, Organizing as Spiritual Practice, Learning as Spiritual Practice, Healing as Spiritual Practice- and I am motivated to do so because I understand that my creations and exchanges, have greater purpose of serving my community, serving my ancestors, serving the world I was born into, serving the universe and serving my self whole. In serving my self whole, I listen deeply to my body in movement and have conversations with it to give it the nourishment it needs, the mobility it deserves, and to push it to continue learning to re-membering what it is capable of doing. I feed my mind with endless learning, and expand it with understanding of evolving truths, I stimulate it with new experiences and challenge it to ask questions of the universe that will expand and deepen my knowing and unknowning of Life. I honor my spirit by holding it at the center of what guides me to live my life in all these ways. I listen to it with trust and let my intuition strengthen by doing so. I honor my spirit by living all aspects of my Life as Spiritual Practice.


I am Jana Lynne Umipig, a reflection of my ancestors and of the universe- a Teacher, a Healer, a Warrior, a Visionary and at my core a Creator who creates all things with Love.




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